TUESDAY TIPID TIPS: Set your monthly budget and stick to it

Are you one of those who are regularly waiting for Flash Sale in Shopee and Lazada?  A lot of people fail to control their spending, particularly those who always buy items that are not necessary, but buy them anyway because it is on sale. Because of this bad habit, we don’t even realize that we have wasted a lot of money.

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Ways to Save Money

save money

Money is a must.

Regardless of what country you live, the currency you have, or the financial state you are in right now – we all need money to survive this modern and expensive world we live in.

Workers work hard to earn wages. Students are cautious with their savings because of student debts. Parents are careful with expenses to save for their family funds and send their children to schools.

A key point to remember is it’s not much about how much money we have – it’s about how we spend them.

A millionaire with no care as to where the money goes could be broke the next week and a person with average income could sustain for long with wise spending habits.

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