TUESDAY TIPID TIPS: Set your monthly budget and stick to it

Are you one of those who are regularly waiting for Flash Sale in Shopee and Lazada?  A lot of people fail to control their spending, particularly those who always buy items that are not necessary, but buy them anyway because it is on sale. Because of this bad habit, we don’t even realize that we have wasted a lot of money.

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Never spend your money before you have it
– Thomas Jefferson

Ways to Save Money

save money

Money is a must.

Regardless of what country you live, the currency you have, or the financial state you are in right now – we all need money to survive this modern and expensive world we live in.

Workers work hard to earn wages. Students are cautious with their savings because of student debts. Parents are careful with expenses to save for their family funds and send their children to schools.

A key point to remember is it’s not much about how much money we have – it’s about how we spend them.

A millionaire with no care as to where the money goes could be broke the next week and a person with average income could sustain for long with wise spending habits.

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How to Earn Money During the COVID19 Pandemic

COVID19 supplies

An extreme community quarantine was implemented during the start of the COVID19 pandemic. Everyone was forced to stay home to be safe against the virus.  Because of this, thousands of people have lost their jobs and many businesses have stopped their operations. It was very difficult then to buy your other basic needs. However, there is one type of business that allows people to get the things that they need without them leaving their homes — the online stores!

There was a huge demand for products that most people need at this time. Since online business is the way to go nowadays, we have compiled for you a list of in-demand products that you can sell during the time of the pandemic.

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Benefits of Working Online

work from home

A lot of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.  But this also opened a new opportunity for people to start working online.

Working online is now part of the “new normal”. Whether you are working as part of an office admin team, a design and creative group, or maybe a software development team, there is no limit to the possibilities of getting hired for an online job.

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How to Earn Money By Selling Food Products

Bibingkang Malagkit and Palitaw

A lot of people stayed at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s either because they lost their jobs, or they switched to the work-from-home arrangements. Many businesses also closed down because they can barely cover their operational expenses with low income from their businesses. This situation opened opportunities for all sorts of home-based food businesses –one of these is the “Kakanin” business. Continue reading “How to Earn Money By Selling Food Products”

How to Earn Money by Working Online

online work

Nowadays, working from home has been part of the new normal.  With the advent of the COVID-19, a lot of companies allowed their employees to switch to a work-from-home arrangement. This is a win-win opportunity both for the employers and their employees. Businesses can save money on operations costs. Employees can save money and be they can spend more time with their families. Working from home is not really difficult. You just need a computer to use and be connected to the internet.

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