Save PHP16,000 easily in 52 Weeks!

Most of us find it challenging to save extra money, particularly, now during the pandemic, when most of us are struggling to make the ends meet.  However, there are still ways that can help you make the goal of saving extra money effortless with the 52 Weeks Savings Tracking Sheet.

We designed this sheet to make it simple for you to track the money that you save each week. All you have to do is “deposit”  the specified amount of money in your piggy bank and then tick the checkbox for each week. Best of all, you don’t need a big amount of money to get to started because this sheet starts at very low amount of PHP 5 to start your 16,000 savings goal.

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Ways to Save Money

save money

Money is a must.

Regardless of what country you live, the currency you have, or the financial state you are in right now – we all need money to survive this modern and expensive world we live in.

Workers work hard to earn wages. Students are cautious with their savings because of student debts. Parents are careful with expenses to save for their family funds and send their children to schools.

A key point to remember is it’s not much about how much money we have – it’s about how we spend them.

A millionaire with no care as to where the money goes could be broke the next week and a person with average income could sustain for long with wise spending habits.

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